Monday, February 16, 2009

neveragainforyoU - This Reflection Holds An Unseen Reality

1. I Know There Are A Lot of Fish In the Sea, But That Doesn't Mean There Are Any Better Than the Ones I've Caught!
2. Didn't Anyone Tell You 911 Isn't the Right Number to Call When You Are In Trouble? Call Detective Johnson Instead
3. Do You Know the Penalty For Treason? Well Now You Do Because You're Dead
4. This Song is For You Ms. Pop Star Diva
5. Look At This Girl I Picked Up On 9th Street, She Gave it to Me for Cheap but Now I Have Every STD There Is
6. Spin It Around..But Not In This Town
7. "Why Did You Have That Gun?" "To Busta Cap In Yo Ass Bitch"
8. We Love to Play Dodgeball with Handguns
9. My Name is Bond... Covalent Bond
10. "Yo Man, I'm Seeing Double" "It's Cuz You Ain't Wearin' An X Brah"

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