Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oktober Skyline - Demo

1. Friends Are Over Rated
2. Human Brainwash
3. The Cure For Everything
4. White Horse Movie
5. If I Were In The Chinese Army
6. Mandy's Tape
7. My Hair Just Grew 3 Inches

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Galileo ( pre - a crisis andrea) demo

1. Hari Kari
2. Icaris
3. Scatter The Lines

The Motel Bible - Industrial Waste

1. unselfish giving, selfish taking
2. eliminate middle class legally, one hundred-year plan
3. ken lay is dead because he got what's coming to him
4. a christian investment in your future
5. mathematical theory of human relationship
6. oppression succession, get fucked

The Metro Sound Circuit - EP

1. In D
2. Rockin' the Stereo
3. Holy Snap! (We're in Space)
4. Apparition- Subsection Death
5. Oh Snap! We're in Space

Slept Through The Screaming - Loyalty and Love Lost

1. Loyalty
2. Cigarette Smoke And Lipstick On The Wineglass
3. Nothing Says I Love You Like A Razorblade
4. In The Act of Deception
5. .357 Vendetta
6. Blaque
7. Coercion
8. Lips Which Lie Are Best Kept Secret
9. Laid To Rest Our Accrsed Bride
10. Love Lost

Set These Wings Ablaze - Demos

1. I Think Pat Has Some Jesus In His Pocket... And by Jesus I Mean Marijuana
2. Silence is Golden... and so is gold
3. To all the girls: stop starting drama on myspace

Set These Wings Ablaze - Color Me Happy

1. Drr Bai Bai!
2. Crunk Juice & Orange Marmelade
3. Its Time To Dance
4. Streaks In The Sky
5. I Wish My Grass Was Emo So It'd Cut Itself
6. Artists and Dreams