Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oktober Skyline - Demo

1. Friends Are Over Rated
2. Human Brainwash
3. The Cure For Everything
4. White Horse Movie
5. If I Were In The Chinese Army
6. Mandy's Tape
7. My Hair Just Grew 3 Inches

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Galileo ( pre - a crisis andrea) demo

1. Hari Kari
2. Icaris
3. Scatter The Lines

The Motel Bible - Industrial Waste

1. unselfish giving, selfish taking
2. eliminate middle class legally, one hundred-year plan
3. ken lay is dead because he got what's coming to him
4. a christian investment in your future
5. mathematical theory of human relationship
6. oppression succession, get fucked

The Metro Sound Circuit - EP

1. In D
2. Rockin' the Stereo
3. Holy Snap! (We're in Space)
4. Apparition- Subsection Death
5. Oh Snap! We're in Space

Slept Through The Screaming - Loyalty and Love Lost

1. Loyalty
2. Cigarette Smoke And Lipstick On The Wineglass
3. Nothing Says I Love You Like A Razorblade
4. In The Act of Deception
5. .357 Vendetta
6. Blaque
7. Coercion
8. Lips Which Lie Are Best Kept Secret
9. Laid To Rest Our Accrsed Bride
10. Love Lost

Set These Wings Ablaze - Demos

1. I Think Pat Has Some Jesus In His Pocket... And by Jesus I Mean Marijuana
2. Silence is Golden... and so is gold
3. To all the girls: stop starting drama on myspace

Set These Wings Ablaze - Color Me Happy

1. Drr Bai Bai!
2. Crunk Juice & Orange Marmelade
3. Its Time To Dance
4. Streaks In The Sky
5. I Wish My Grass Was Emo So It'd Cut Itself
6. Artists and Dreams

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Omerta - Instrumental Demos

1. Overdosing on Flintstones Vitamins
2. WWE

Omerta EP

1. Where's The Chirstmas Spirit?
2. Five Found Dead In A Nursing Home
3. Well...Some Have Said I'm An Elephant In The Heart Department
4. One Spinkick A Day Keeps The Doctors At Bay
5. That Guy Over There Is A Prime Example Of What Not To Be In Life

Nostra Monte - I'm A Romantic EP

1. I Once Was A Man With Many Tricks, Never Fooled in My Life... But Now I'm Speechless
2. If I Lived Back in the 1800's I'd Be Hung for Adultery... But I'm Not Even Married
3. For Once, the Underdog Won the Match
4. This is A Time of Economic Boost, Expansion No Recession
5. There Comes A Time in Everyone's Life When You Take the Word "Life" Away

Monday, February 16, 2009

neveragainforyoU - This Reflection Holds An Unseen Reality

1. I Know There Are A Lot of Fish In the Sea, But That Doesn't Mean There Are Any Better Than the Ones I've Caught!
2. Didn't Anyone Tell You 911 Isn't the Right Number to Call When You Are In Trouble? Call Detective Johnson Instead
3. Do You Know the Penalty For Treason? Well Now You Do Because You're Dead
4. This Song is For You Ms. Pop Star Diva
5. Look At This Girl I Picked Up On 9th Street, She Gave it to Me for Cheap but Now I Have Every STD There Is
6. Spin It Around..But Not In This Town
7. "Why Did You Have That Gun?" "To Busta Cap In Yo Ass Bitch"
8. We Love to Play Dodgeball with Handguns
9. My Name is Bond... Covalent Bond
10. "Yo Man, I'm Seeing Double" "It's Cuz You Ain't Wearin' An X Brah"

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Disconnect - 2005 EP

1. Redheads Ruin Lives
2. So Here I Am, Standing In Your Doorway
3. Isn't About Time Someone Saved Your Life?
4. When It Rains In Death Valley...
5. Not Everyone Heals As Fast As You, Logan
6. The Point Is...
These guys are still together and blowing up! Posted this EP because it's sick! check the new stuff out and go to a show: The Disconnect!

A Song, An Epiphany - EP

1. Lumpkins Sometimes Have Tails
2. Girl's Got A Face For Radio
3. Andrew's Song

A Song, An Epiphany - The Absence

1. The Moment
2. Singularity
3. When Mirrors Face Each Other

The Nine Orders Of Angels - 20% More Moshahol By Volume

1. The Ghost Orchid
2. Dealers And Victims (I Shall Believe)
3. My Dad Never Beat Me Til I Rolled The Van
4. Watch The Day Burn
5. This Is When I Sleep Forever
6. Erosion Of A Pebble On The Riverbead
7. Mosh You Like A Hurricane

The Aurora - Kill The Artist

1. This Is For You
2. Making Assumptions
3. What Do You Mean I'm On Fire?
4. Dead Before I Hit The Ground
5. First Round Knock- Out
6. August Comes Too Soon
7. One Last Time
8. Brad Pitt Will Never Fuck You
9. Better In Red
10. ... And The World Was Gone In A Flash

note: it seems there is a song missing from this cd? 
my folder read that the first song was actually song number 2. 
if anyone knows anything about this holla at me about it!

The Aurora - Demos

1. A Bonnie And Clyde Story
2. In A Body Bag
3. Silence The Pianos

The Aurora - Live @ The Silo

1. Doing Coke In Arby's Corner
2. First Round Knock Out
3. Silence The Pianos
4. Less Than Three
5. Better In Red
6. ...And The World Was Gone In A Flash
7. This Is For You

Monday, February 9, 2009

Carpenter Ant - "I Stll Have The Drive"


1. You Don't Own The Road
2. Typed Out Setlist
3. Captian Firecrotch
4. Addiction
5. Clueless Mccailihan
6. Get A Grip
7. Dairy Queen Is Not A Meal
8. Hoagies In A Headlock
9. Are You One Of Them?
10. White Belt Warriors
11. Men In Brown
12. Later Lousbag


i have nothing on this other than the ep itself.
it never came with song titles or any of that sort. so if anyone has information or a cd picture to go with this or anything. get at me. reguardless heres their six song ep.


Shade Under Five EP


1. Cut Off My Ties
2. Judas
3. Days Pass By

Audio Recording Club - EP


1. Synovial Joints In Humans
2. Did I Mention I'm Drowning?
3. We Drive In Separate Cars
4. Glam Rock
5. Vampire Song
6. And In That Moment I Thought We Were Infinite

Audio Recording Club EP DOWNLOAD

Audio Recording Club - "In The End, We're All Light"


1. In The End, We're All Light
2. Scenes From Your Favorite Mystery Novel
3. "Your Probably Just Having A Midlife Crisis, Did You Buy Your Porsche Yet?
4. Did I Mention I'm Drowning?
5. We Drive In Seperate Cars
6. The Great Disappearing Act
7. Warm Hands, Warm Memories
8. I'm Sorry Sir, But You Can't Wear That In Public
9. I'll Meet You Underground
10. Letter By Letter
11. For A Friend

Friday, February 6, 2009

.Mekka - EP

1. Cuts And Bruises
2. Parade
3. Streetlights
4. The Art Recreate
5. You Left Us To Die
6. A Disaster In Iowa

Street Smart Cyclist - Lint Traps (2007)

1. Cigarettes In Love
2. The Human Map Says We're Fucked
3. We Lack Science

Street Smart Cyclist - Demo (2006)

1. Hoods Up!
2. Pastor Of Muppets
3. The Three Lane Cut

And We Danced - The Koppenheffer Sessions

1. Nodinigiwaywin (1942)
2. The Few and Far Between
3. Some May Call This Beiginnings
4. If We Were A Melody

And We Danced - Romeo Single 2k6

1. Tony Romeo Bites The Big One
2. Stick To Your Guns

And We Danced - Demo Song

A Crisis Andrea - A Crisis Andrea

1. Bonjour Berlin
2. Hours, Minutes, Seconds
3. Hush
4. Ginsing and Honey
5. The Motions
6. Number Six

A Crisis Andrea - Demo

1. Courtesan
2. Andarota
3. Pushing Cherry Falls
4. The Plague Moon and Flower

A Crisis Andrea - Sly Fox In Madrid

1. When We Speak, We Shake
2. Andarota
3. Bonus Score 20,000
4. Courtesan
5. Sly Fox In Madrid
6. For Me, This Is Heaven

Fight For The Throne - Song Two at the Globe!!!!

One of the greatest Allentown bands EVER!
Download for your iTunes
more will be up next week after we gather artwork and upload shit. word.

The Nine Orders Of Angels - "Contrapasso"

1. The Hearts Lake Pandemic
2. Usury
3. Our Last Benediction
4. Opium Seance, Pt. 1
5. Sleuthing Motif
6. Emerald Green
7. Contrapasso
8. This Is When I Will Sleep Forever
9. My Life As A Structure Fire

Oktober Skyline - 7"


1. My Hair Just Grew Three Inches
2. The Story Of Jimmy Plaid Pants
3. One-Legged Man Trapped In A Culdesac
4. Mandy's Tape


Oktober Skyline - "That's How Tripods Work"

oktober skyline

1. Unfortunately Death Rules in My Family
2. If i were in the chinese arm
3. Everyday is a Holiday
4. I am ____, Hear me Philosiphize
5. We Had A Moment In Chincilla
6. The Story Of Jimmy Plaid Pants
7. Sir, May I Speak Incoherently?
8. My Hair Just Grew Three And A Half Inches
9. The Diapers Cost More Than The Casket
10. Don't Wait For A Punchline
11. And Next Week, Tom Blows



before i being posting and uploading shit i jsut want everyone to know this blog is dedicated to bands that AREN'T together anymore. the bands we miss, the bands that we wish still jammed out at the globe and didnt play these pitiful drop A breakdowns left and right. obviously im not going to have every band's cd in the book so i need everyones help.... currently looking for

the aurora
fight for the throne (if theres anything which i dont think so)
daughters of raaj
million to one

this is i can think of off the top of my head. dont be afraid to hit me up with anything cause im brain farting at the moment!