Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Aurora - Kill The Artist

1. This Is For You
2. Making Assumptions
3. What Do You Mean I'm On Fire?
4. Dead Before I Hit The Ground
5. First Round Knock- Out
6. August Comes Too Soon
7. One Last Time
8. Brad Pitt Will Never Fuck You
9. Better In Red
10. ... And The World Was Gone In A Flash

note: it seems there is a song missing from this cd? 
my folder read that the first song was actually song number 2. 
if anyone knows anything about this holla at me about it!


  1. yeah it's missing the first song. the first one starts with the restaurant bar sounds and CAN I BUY YOU A DRINK!? also the demos don't work 404 error

  2. dear god.

    hey it's greg from the aurora.

    this blog makes me happy.

    if you have it please post the original 6 or 7 song aurora e.p. i have lost it and so has everyone else apprently...